We’re working on getting you a great event for 2019! For previous editions we had developers and over 300 players joining us in Amsterdam for presentations, prizes and socialising (drunk CCP best CCP). This year CCP is going XXL with the Eve World Tour! Hopefully you’ll join us this year (too)!


Evesterdam 2019 will take place March 23 and 24. Have a look at what we have in store in this dev blog!

Are you in town on friday the 22nd? Join us in cafe Schuim behind dam square for pre event drinks!

On sunday evening we have the Friendship cruise! You’re welcome to join this cruise from 20:15. It will set sail at 21:00 and return to port 2 hours later. Remember: the only ship you need in life is a frienship!


You can get on at the Ruijterkade behind central station: