We’re working on getting you a great event for 2017! Last year we had ten developers and over 300 players joining us in Amsterdam for presentations, prizes and socialising (drunk CCP best CCP). Hopefully you’ll join us this year (too)!


We are working on getting you the best Evesterdam ever. If you, or someone you know, would like to present at Evesterdam, please contact us at All presenters get a free Evesterdam ticket!

Friday November 3rd

19:00 – Drinks in Cafe Schuim

No official pubcrawl (it got too big to manage, sorry!), however, if you want to do your own pubcrawl through the redlight we recommend this route:

  1. Start at Dam sqare
  2. Walk to Belushi’s, drink
  3. Walk to Excalibur, drink
  4. Walk to Hotel Torenzicht, drink, say hi to Anna if she’s working
  5. Walk to Cafe Schuim, drink

Saturday November 4th

10:30 – doors open
11:20 – Welcome to Evesterdam
11:30 – CCP Guard, Eve: present and future
13:30 – Neddy Fox, Project Discovery
15:30 – Natural Clonekiller, High sec merc work
17:30 – CCP Lebowski, Moon Mining and Beyond: QA perspective
19:00 – doors close for 2 hours

21:00 – doors open, start evening party
00:00 – end evening part, doors close

Sunday November 5th

10:00 – doors open
11:00 – Bap1811, Participating in the Alliance Tournament
13:00 – CCP RedDawn, Content Creation in Eve
15:00 – Killah Bee, The 5 pillars of power
17:00 – Q&A with CCP
19:00 – doors close


Also available: Valkyrie: Warzone, Sparc.