Evesterdam 2018 and 2019 update

Hey everyone, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about the next Evesterdam so it’s high time we gave you guys an update.

As you know CCP is taking Fanfest on the road in 2019, and one of the stops is Evesterdam. This will almost certainly involve moving Evesterdam to some time in the spring. As a result, we’ve decided to skip 2018 and focus all our efforts on Evesterdam 2019. We’ll be talking to CCP to set an exact date.

For Evesterdam 2019 we’re also looking to expand the Evesterdam team. We’re specifically looking for people who can arrange sponsorship (both ingame and out of game), and people who can arrange and organise presenters for the event. If you’re well connected in Eve or real life and able to get us cool speakers or good sponsors, get in touch at info@evesterdam.com!