Upwell Consortium invites you to Amsterdam

Dear capsuleer,

New Eden is an ever changing landscape of risk and opportunity. We at Upwell Consortium strive provide capsuleers with the services and equipment they need to succeed in this frontier. In order to present our latest developments to you we have partnered with Evesterdam to bring you the best Evesterdam convention yet on the 12th and 13th of November! Tickets are available now! Order quickly to take advantage of our group deals or early bird discount.

We hope to see you there,

the Evesterdam team and Upwell Consortium

What can you expect at Evesterdam?

Like previous years we are working hard to make this Evesterdam even better than the ones before. Here is a short overview of just some of the things you can expect at New Eden’s largest player hosted eve meet.

VR at Evesterdam

We will have Eve Valkyrie and Eve Gunjack for players to try!


We will have presentations from both CCP Games and players alike. If you wish to present at Evesterdam or know someone who would be a good presenter, please contact us at info@evesterdam.com. All presenters get a free ticket to Evesterdam (worth 70 euros)!

Hang out with the devs

A number of developers will come over from Iceland to hang out, party with us and talk Eve. They might even tell you a secret or two after a few beers… 😉

Prizes and Sponsorship

Like previous years we will be giving away many billions worth of ISK in prizes, generously provided to us by sponsors of the event. If you or your corporation/alliance wish to become an Evesterdam sponsor, please contact us at bob@evesterdam.com or contact Bobmon ingame!

Eve Tattoos at Evesterdam

Like last year we will have the incredibly talented David Christ coming to Amsterdam. In order to us to get an indication of interest, if you already know you’d like to get an eve tattoo, please let us know at info@evesterdam.com. At the event we provide stencils for all major eve related logos, but if you wish to have your corporation or alliance logo done, please contact us in advance.

And we’re still working on more…. See you in November!