Author: Dierdra Vaal

Evesterdam 2018 and 2019 update

Hey everyone, we’ve been getting a lot of questions about the next Evesterdam so it’s high time we gave you guys an update. As you know CCP is taking Fanfest on the road in 2019, and one of the stops is Evesterdam. This will almost certainly involve moving Evesterdam to some time in the spring. As a result, we’ve decided… Read more →

Upwell Consortium invites you to Amsterdam

Dear capsuleer, New Eden is an ever changing landscape of risk and opportunity. We at Upwell Consortium strive provide capsuleers with the services and equipment they need to succeed in this frontier. In order to present our latest developments to you we have partnered with Evesterdam to bring you the best Evesterdam convention yet on the 12th and 13th of… Read more →